Our aim is to get the best out of you and support you in your health and fitness journey.


You will receive live online training which will clearly focus on the goals you wish to attain.


Lose weight, increase muscle tone and feel more confident than ever!

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Whether you want to lose fat, transform your body, build muscle, increase your fitness levels or feel healthier our personal trainers in Godalming, Cranleigh, Dunsfold, Alfold  will design a programme specifically targeted to reach your goals. Target Personal Training will be with you every step of the way. We integrate a wide range of dynamic disciplines and methods to keep your fitness journey interesting whilst challenging both body and mind in a variety of ways. This includes options such as strength, mobility and stretching sessions, cardiovascular exercise and sports performance testing. We will create manageable and measurable targets and create a personalised program based on your likes, dislikes, goals and aims. We work around you as an individual to find out ways to overcome barriers such as lack of time, motivation and fitness levels.

Client Testimonials

“I needed some help getting into shape for my wedding and knew I could not motivate myself alone. Rachel has been brilliant throughout - flexible around my diary and very encouraging. I've shed inches and pounds in the 2 month run up to the big day and could not have done it without her pushing me all the way. Highly recommend.”


“I’ve trained with Target Personal Training for quite a while now and have never felt better or fitter. The results are stunning. I lost a lot of weight, but more importantly, I feel young again. Highly recommended!”


Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Why online personal training?

Personal training is about getting to where you want to be, seeing results and in the fastest, easiest and most successful way.  Our online personal trainers can help you achieve results and hit your goals and targets. Want to run a marathon, build a physique to die for, drop a dress size in 4 weeks or simply feel fitter or healthier, contact us and speak to one of our virtual personal trainers!

What can our Surrey trainers do for you?

Our Surrey personal trainers wear many hats, serving not only as a trainer, but as an educator, confidant, role model and a major source of motivation and encouragement as well. All of our Godalming & Cranleigh/Dunsfold based personal trainers are highly experienced and will provide the following as part of their service:


  • Set realistic goals and expectations.

  • Teach and educate you how to exercise effectively and safely.

  • Boost your confidence in the gym.

  • Set a program specific to you.

  • Provide results driven training.

  • Track your progress.

  • Motivate and encourage.

How do I start?

Book in for a 20 minute complimentary online consultation worth £30. This is your chance to meet us, ask questions and work out whether you would like to work with us. Our initial consultation is FREE giving us the opportunity to conduct a fitness analysis, discuss your goals and tailor a programme to suit your needs. You will have your own fitness specialist from day one to ensure that you achieve your targets.

How much does it cost?

We like to price our sessions reasonably and can offer packages of 6 sessions  or 10 sessions with prices starting at £15 per virtual session. If you wish to split the cost with others we charge £10 extra per person. 

What times do you offer?

We can currently offer a variety of time slots mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.