Virtual Fitness

The world is changing and we are too...

Traditionally we have offered a physical service running fun and friendly fitness classes however we have now had to rethink and redefine normal! We feel the best idea to keep going, keep the sense of community and benefit everyones health and mental wellbeing at a time of great uncertainty is to offer a virtual experience. We are bringing our usual ‘fitness and fun’ online with live interactive classes and pre-recorded sessions.


At least 5 live streamed classes a week via  Zoom/Facebook so you can tune in via mobile app, tablet or PC. Your instructor can hear, see and interact with you live, allowing them to monitor your form, offer advice, teaching points and adaptions in real time. Likewise you can see, hear and interact with your instructor. You don't need to turn on the video if you don't want to so don't let that put you off.  Not able to view it live? No problem – watch it on catch up! Not only that but a selection of pre-recorded classes and helpful guides to keep you on track.

Since this is online, you can participate no matter where you live!


Support Group

Our programme is completely online and designed to be accessed from anywhere even on the go. We have a dedicated members group to support you along the way.



Receive heaps of helpful goodies including a food diary, healthy recipes, shopping guide, exercise tracker and more. We provide everything you need for a healthier body!



We have a range of virtual classes coming to a living room near you! These will be a mix of live classes for the social interaction and pre-recorded that you can do in your own time.