A Healthier, Happier You



Not ‘going it alone’ can really help when it comes to staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals. You’ll celebrate your success with your instructor and class mates


The team dynamic, full-body fuctional workouts make our classes effective at reducing excess fat, improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing muscle mass and coordination and balance.


Our Godalming bootcamp burns more calories than the gym as your body is being constantly challenged in new ways. We use resistance and body weight elements to boost the metabolism and shred fat.

Fitness For All

Our friendly Godalming Fitcamp is all about getting fit and having fun all at the same time! Our classes involve functional exercises using both bodyweight and resistance. So, whether you want to burn calories, increase your strength or just simply get fitter, functional fitness is an all-round workout that anyone can do. No two classes are the same so you’ll never be bored. You’ll be able to learn new exercises, work different parts of the body and improve your existing technique, all under the guidance of our fantastic pts. Turn up and leave the session planning to us....

We encourage parents to get their children into exercise and offer a discount of 50% for children under 18 on all bootcamp rates. Children must be 12 years of age and be accompanied by a parent up until 16 years of age. We offer 50% for all full-time students as well.

Not Just Another Bootcamp
We are not just a fitness class but a fitness community with a difference. Our Godalming bootcamp is about you and supporting your goals and targets. We give you the tools to succeed and maintain a healthy lifestyle with no looking back. Unlike other fitness classes our instructors are QUALIFIED personal trainers and not just fitness instructors. Turn up and leave the session planning to us....

Our instructors will ensure you get the help you need and to assist you with exercises that may be foreign. We are a fitness community and we want everyone to get to know one another and offer support and encouragement. We like to have a lot of fun during our sessions, lots of laughter and some fitness games all to stop boredom getting in the way of hitting your fitness goals. 

No Boring Cardio Sessions
We don't believe in endless bouts of cardio nor is that always the best way to achieve fat loss. We programme exercises to keep you burning calories for hours after our sessions.  We only use exercises that have been proven to get results fast; after all you have 600 muscles and we want you to use them, keeping your metabolism fired up.  Our workouts change every session to keep your body guessing and constantly needing to adapt.


Monday 7pm-7.40pm

Broadwater School, Dance Studio, Summers Road, Farncombe

Wednesday 7pm-7.40pm

Busbridge Junior School, Brighton Road, Godalming